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Pismo Beach Surf Kayak Contest

Thanks to Dave for setting up the Pismo Beach Surf Kayak contest. Due to permit issues, low turnout, and predictions of small waves sunday, the contest was condensed…

Germany and England

I (Geoff) went to Germany recently for a work trip, but managed to do a little exploring while there. Flew over a few days early, and came back via England to see my Grandma.

Good trip.

Tahquitz Climbing

Some of you that have known me for awhile may remember that before I got obsessed with kayaking, I used to be an avid rock climber. I’d climb…

Middle Fork Of the American River

Friday night we had Kim’s mom, aunt and Grandma over for dinner, which meant another insanely late night drive…leaving our our house around 11:30 and with some mandatory…

Cousin Stuart comes to visit

My cousin had a 3 day visit this past weekend. We hadn’t seen each other in 20 years, so it was great to see each other and get…

Green River – Desolation and Grey Canyon Section

The Green River, through Desolation and Grey Canyons, is a gorgeous trip, with amazing scenery, camping, and fun rapids. I kayaked it over 6 days this year, and had an amazing time. A great time following in the footsteps of Powell on a spectacular river in one of my favorite areas of the world.

Middle Fork Feather

The Middle Fork of the Feather is described in the classic CA paddling guidebook as “This is it! The Middle Fork of the Feather River is the best…

East Fork of the Carson

The East Fork of the Carson flows with the melting snow, and heads east down the Sierra Mtns, into Nevada.  It’s a class II+ run, but moves quickly. …

Brush Creek – Spring 2009

Brush Creek, a tributary of the Kern River in CA, is one of the most incredible stretches of whitewater around. It drops about 450 feet per mile, but is suprisingly managble. Lot’s of fun drops in the 5-20 foot range. Big fast slides. It’s just so good it has to be experienced. I did a bunch of runs over a few weekends in May, and even stopped to take some pictures.

Backcountry skiing – San Gabriel Mountains

When I announced my move back to southern california, more than a few of my outdoorsy friends offered a mix of sympathy and concern.  Los Angeles is famous…

Mexico – Scuba Diving and Exploring the Yucatan Peninsula

We enjoyed an awesome last minute trip to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Kim got certified to Scuba dive, and we enjoyed diving, snorkeling, caving, eating, and visiting archeological ruins. Another great vacation.

Kim donated her hair to “Locks of Love”

Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 18 suffering from long-term medical…

Pauley Creek Video

Pauley Creek is a spectacular kayak run in Northern California. Tons of fun drops, a couple technical rapids. We got a good early season run in, though it meant hiking in through snow. Several good waterfalls. Video inside.

Snowshoe trip to Fuller Lake

Last weekend, we were fishing around for an idea for something to do, and had the brainstorm to go backpacking in the snow. Two sets of rental snowshoes and some furious packing later, we were heading to the mtns.

Sacramento Tandem Ride

A while back, Kim and I took out the tandem for an awesome tour of Sacramento and the Delta. About 36 miles. Loving the tandem, but I need to figure out some better bars, my hands go numb. We stopped for a quick snack and some warm drinks. Total we rode was nearly 40 miles, our longest tandem ride to date.

North Fork American Kayaking – January/Febuary 2009

It’s been a slow year for whitewater paddling in CA so far. just not a lot happening. Although it’s gotten better over the last few weeks, we’re looking at a potential drought this year. I’ve done a number of low water trips down the North Fork of the American river, Chamberlain Falls run.

Clear Creek

It’s been a grim winter so far for paddling, but one of the few spots that has water is Clear Creek, located near Redding, CA. I got on it a few weeks ago. Good times.

Christmas 2008 – Kim and Geoff tour Texas

Christmas with Geoff’s family is no small affair. It goes for days. It’s always a little tough to make it to Texas for the holidays, but it’s always worth it.

My Mom and Dad visit for my Birthday

Geoff’s parents come to visit for his Birthday. We visit Sacramento, Davis and a cold Lake Tahoe.

US Waveski National Championship

In 2008, California hosted the US national surf kayak championships at Davenport, CA. We had amazing conditions, and a great contest.