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Snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo


Salt Lake City

My father, Malcolm, and step-mom Deborah invited Kim and I out to Utah for a long weekend. Unfortunately, Deborah wasn’t able to make the trip, she was missed,…


Seattle and Vancouver

I had a work trip to the Seattle area, and tacked on one day of paddling with my friends Arn and David , and a few days to…

Rarotonga, Cook Islands – playing in the water

A few months ago, I found some cheap fares to Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands. Kim and I decided to spend our thanksgiving there, and had a great…

My Grandfather’s Grave

This was written in 2004, by Kim Luu.  I found it on the computer, and am sharing it here because it’s really a good read.   The pictures are…

Passing Out Rice In Vietnam

This was written in 2004, by Kim Luu.  I found it on the computer, and am sharing it here because it’s really a good read.   The pictures are…

Skydiving and weight loss!

Holy crap, I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane today. Kim and I went skydiving today, to celebrate my having lost over 50 lbs. It started with…

Zion National Park – Hiking the Narrows and Canyoneering

Kim and I vactioned in Zion National Park, where we hiked the amazing Narrows hike, learned about canyonering, explored some amazing canyons, had our car snacked on by squirrels, rode bikes and more. We’re been lucky enough to travel to some amazing spots in the planet, and when I do a trip like this I’m reminded that, especially in terms of natural beauty, America has some stuff that ranks right at the top of the list.

Tandem Bicycle Tour of Lake Tahoe

Last weekend, Kim and I drove to Lake Tahoe, parked the car in Squaw Valley, and rode about 50 miles around the Lake to South Lake Tahoe on…

Monterrey Bay Anniversary Weekend – Kayaking, food, and the Aquarium

Kim and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend (April 9) with a weekend trip to Monterrey Bay, CA. We went paddling Sat morning off a point near Pacific…


San Diego Wild Animal Park and Zoo

I (Geoff) love taking pictures, and really enjoy taking pictures of animals.   Kim surprised me this year for my birthday with a membership to the San Diego Wild…

Germany and England

I (Geoff) went to Germany recently for a work trip, but managed to do a little exploring while there. Flew over a few days early, and came back via England to see my Grandma.

Good trip.

Cousin Stuart comes to visit

My cousin had a 3 day visit this past weekend. We hadn’t seen each other in 20 years, so it was great to see each other and get…

Mexico – Scuba Diving and Exploring the Yucatan Peninsula

We enjoyed an awesome last minute trip to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Kim got certified to Scuba dive, and we enjoyed diving, snorkeling, caving, eating, and visiting archeological ruins. Another great vacation.

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