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Passing Out Rice In Vietnam

This was written in 2004, by Kim Luu.  I found it on the computer, and am sharing it here because it’s really a good read.   The pictures are…


US Waveski National Championships

I had, Friday and Saturday, the best contest I’ve ever had. I was on fire and it felt incredible. This was the US Waveski National Championships, with about…

Apparent;y the reason this guy wasn't afraid is that they can shock the crap out of you.  Enough to knock you unconcious. Pacific Electric Eel.  Scale is hard to tell in the picture, but he was probably 2 feet across the flat part.  Pretty good size.

Catalina Island Scuba Diving

I (Geoff)  did a one day dive trip out to Catalina yesterday. Warm water (for CA), decent visibility, and saw some cool stuff. 3 tanks in water from…


Skydiving and weight loss!

Holy crap, I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane today. Kim and I went skydiving today, to celebrate my having lost over 50 lbs. It started with…


Volkslauf 10K Mud Run and Obstacle Course

Kim and I ran the 10K Volkslauf mud run today. It was super fun. I had done it many years ago a couple times, but not since moving…

This is my favorite photo from the trip.  We spent some time reminiscing about my Grandpa. I forget why we're laughing, probably some old memory. but i love this photo.

In loving memory – Flora Gene “Dixie” Jennings

I was at a work event in Detroit, scheduled to leave at noon to fly to Texas to see my Grandma.  Her health had been failing, and I…


El Whampo – Tahquitz, CA

On Sept. 25th, Kim and i went up to Tahquitz and climbed El Whampo, a six pitch 5.7. I’ve hardly climbed the last few years, and was a…


Santa Cruz Island – Labor Day 2010

Kim and I, with our friends Ray and Jeff, went out to Santa Cruz this weekend. On Saturday, we paddled from Scorpion cove to Smugglers Harbor, then back…


Zion National Park – Hiking the Narrows and Canyoneering

Kim and I vactioned in Zion National Park, where we hiked the amazing Narrows hike, learned about canyonering, explored some amazing canyons, had our car snacked on by squirrels, rode bikes and more. We’re been lucky enough to travel to some amazing spots in the planet, and when I do a trip like this I’m reminded that, especially in terms of natural beauty, America has some stuff that ranks right at the top of the list.


Tandem Bicycle Tour of Lake Tahoe

Last weekend, Kim and I drove to Lake Tahoe, parked the car in Squaw Valley, and rode about 50 miles around the Lake to South Lake Tahoe on…

Sea Lions following us.

Monterrey Bay Anniversary Weekend – Kayaking, food, and the Aquarium

Kim and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend (April 9) with a weekend trip to Monterrey Bay, CA. We went paddling Sat morning off a point near Pacific…

Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Contest 2010


Playing in the Snow

Just a few photos from some winter trips we took.  Lake Tahoe with Paula and Erol   Mammoth with Helen and Scott.  good times….    



Joshua Tree Climbing and Camping

A few months back, my friend from b-school (Alex M.) emailed me and let me know that he had a camping site reserved at Joshua Tree for thanksgiving weekend. Although I rarely climb anymore, Joshua Tree still ranks as one of my favorite places in the universe. Love it. Kim and I spent the weekend of Thanksgiving out there.

Kayaking the Black Canyon of the Colorado River

The Black Canyon is the section of the Colorado river below Hoover Dam. Scenic paddling, with hot springs and gorgeous scenery.


San Diego Wild Animal Park and Zoo

I (Geoff) love taking pictures, and really enjoy taking pictures of animals.   Kim surprised me this year for my birthday with a membership to the San Diego Wild…

Weekends around Southern California


Davenport Surf Kayak Contest 2009

We got a super late start Friday night, and it was an all night slog to Davenport, with just a few hours of fitful dozing alongside the highway.  …


Pismo Beach Surf Kayak Contest

Thanks to Dave for setting up the Pismo Beach Surf Kayak contest. Due to permit issues, low turnout, and predictions of small waves sunday, the contest was condensed…