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Guatemala – The first few days.

I woke up tuesday morning around 8 a.m. and sliced off some gluten-free bread for toast.  I sat down at the computer, and started to think about my…

Hong in Northern California

Kim’s friend Hong came to visit us in Northern California.

Most days I love kayaking. Saturday I broke 2 ribs although I wasn’t in my kayak at the time.

Sometimes staying home is a good idea. A rough day of paddling on the amazing south silver creek.


5 Day River Float on the Lower John Day + Climbing at Smith Rocks + The Oregon Mountains
May, 2008

John Day River A few months ago, my old climbing buddy Brian emailed me. I hadn’t seen him in 8 or more years, but we’ve stayed in touch….

Cache Creek with Paula and Erol

Kim and I headed over to Cache Creek today. We met our friends Paula and Erol. They were renting a small two person raft to join us. It…

More Spring Paddling – Riverton to Peavine, High Water Chamberlains, Reno Playpark, Low Water South Yuba. – (No Pictures)

I’ve spoiled myself over the last few days. I didn’t take pictures, but I had a great few days. Weds: S.F. American, Riverton to Peavine (plus a bit)…


Mother’s Day

Kim and I went to Los Angeles for Mother’s Day. It was a nice weekend, Saturday evening we went for a big banquet dinner with Po-Po (grandma) and…

Shirttail Run on the North Fork American

Kim and I took our tandem whitewater kayak out for a fun run down the class II+ section of the North Fork American river, not far from our…

Me running Slip-n-slide in my new Pyranha Everest.  Photo by Bob

Pauley Creek

Had a fun run down Pauley Creek today. The water was low, all the big drops went are were fun, but slightly excessive butt massage on the rest….

Double Header on the South Yuba River and the North Fork American River

Yesterday I went paddling. Paddled my new Pyranha Everest kayak, which was awesome. Met my friend Sabrina at 1, and went and did a low water run on…

Skiing at Lake Tahoe

We had an awesome, fun day skiing/snowboarding at Alpine Meadows, near Lake Tahoe. It was a pretty day, warm spring conditions. I skiied my new (used, but new…

Greetings fellow bicyclists!

Kim and I had our maiden voyage of our new (to us) toy, a KHS tandemMountain bike. It was fun, we did about 15 miles after work tonight.Nothing…

Yosemite – April 2008 – 2nd year anniversary

Kim and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary this weekend with a lovely weekend in Yosemite. Saturday morning we got up early, and drove there in time to get…

Deep Sea Fishing

My husband and friends took me out to celebrate my belated 30th birthday with a deep sea fishing trip. It had been postponed for 3 months for various…

Ton and Wu Ping’s Wedding – 3/15/2008

Kim’s brother Ton married Wu Ping (Secilia) last Saturday. It was a very nice ceremony, followed by a nice reception with the traditional 10 course Chinese food dinner….


Very, very cool optical illusion I made.

Stare at the Dot in the center of the picture for 30 seconds WITHOUT looking away, put your mouse over the picture Looks like you are looking at…

Peru. I miss it.

I was looking in my Picassa albums, and saw a folder of pictures that Nickolaus and Melissa Brown (brother and sister) had sent me. They were our trailmates…

Nepal photos

In January 2000, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Nepal to complete field research for my masters thesis in point of use drinking water…


Kern River Weekend

Headed out to Kernville this weekend. Not many pictures, but I ran Brush creek a couple times, and ran the Chemise Gorge Section, The Thunder Run, Cables and…

Sespe Creek – Class V – 3 Days – 31 Miles Wilderness run.

Sespe creek is an amazing wilderness run in Southern California. We spent three days and two nights kayaking an incredible Class V stretch of whitewater in March of 2008.