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I told my wife I was making a Pistachio flavor, and she was so happy. It’s her favorite flavor of ice cream or Gelato. Two employees have worked since I made it yesterday. Both texted me exclaiming how good it is. It’s a good sign. One thing I always find weird about Pistachio ice cream is its bright green color. Yeah, pistachios have a green tint, but that green color isn’t explained by that. It’s food coloring. That’s not my style so you’ll notice our Pistachio ice pops have only the slightest green tint, but they are full of nutty flavor. #pistachio #vegan #vegetarian #icepops #icepop #icecream #veganfood #dairyfree #glutenfree #losangeles #dessert #popsicles #popsicle #nuts #plantbased #wholefoods #sangabriel #veganism #veganlosangeles #paleta #paletas

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Anna Mae Hays

Anna Mae Hays was the first woman to achieve the rank of General in the US Army. She passed away today at 97, and I found learning about…

Backcountry skiing – San Gabriel Mountains

When I announced my move back to southern california, more than a few of my outdoorsy friends offered a mix of sympathy and concern.  Los Angeles is famous…

Snowshoe trip to Fuller Lake

Last weekend, we were fishing around for an idea for something to do, and had the brainstorm to go backpacking in the snow. Two sets of rental snowshoes and some furious packing later, we were heading to the mtns.

Sacramento Tandem Ride

A while back, Kim and I took out the tandem for an awesome tour of Sacramento and the Delta. About 36 miles. Loving the tandem, but I need to figure out some better bars, my hands go numb. We stopped for a quick snack and some warm drinks. Total we rode was nearly 40 miles, our longest tandem ride to date.

North Fork American Kayaking – January/Febuary 2009

It’s been a slow year for whitewater paddling in CA so far. just not a lot happening. Although it’s gotten better over the last few weeks, we’re looking at a potential drought this year. I’ve done a number of low water trips down the North Fork of the American river, Chamberlain Falls run.

Christmas 2008 – Kim and Geoff tour Texas

Christmas with Geoff’s family is no small affair. It goes for days. It’s always a little tough to make it to Texas for the holidays, but it’s always worth it.

My Mom and Dad visit for my Birthday

Geoff’s parents come to visit for his Birthday. We visit Sacramento, Davis and a cold Lake Tahoe.

US Waveski National Championship

In 2008, California hosted the US national surf kayak championships at Davenport, CA. We had amazing conditions, and a great contest.

US Surf Kayak Championships at Davenport, CA

This past weekend was the national championship for surf kayaking, held at Davenport, CA, and organized by Buck Johnson. I went down a day early to get a…

Bodega Bay – Surf Kayak, Camping, Crabbing

Kim and Geoff went to Bodega Bay, north of San Francisco, for a weekend of camping, surf kayaking and crabbing.

NF of the Feather River Release

Thanks to American Whitewater, we had releases on the NF feather this weekend. I only made it up for sunday, but had a good time paddling with my…

Dave Matthews Band at the Greek in Berkeley

I’ve seen the Dave Matthews Band perform something like 40-50 times since ’93-’94. Nearly without exception, I leave every show thinking, “That was the best show I’ve seen.” …

Napa Valley Bike Tour and Paddling on the South Fork American

Kim and I had another fun weekend. Saturday we joined our freinds Erol and Paula for breakfast, then did a bike ride in Napa, stopping at several vineyards….


With the crazy rise in gas prices, and the fear of recession, papers and magazines keep talking about people taking “staycations”, where you take mini-vacations close to home….

Guatemala and Belize – Kim and Geoff explore together

After a few days in Guatemala, Kim and Geoff head to Belize for some beachside relaxing and snorkeling.


The other day we were at the Mayan ruins in Tikal in Guatemala, swatting away Mosquitos. At the last minute, we realized Belize was only a 6 hour…

Kim – Now I´m in Guatemala too!

Hi everyone! I had a good flight to Guatemala and landed yesterday morning. Geoff picked me from the airport and impressed me with the spanish he learned in…

Guatemala, Getting better…….

I suppose, after my last post, it would be hard for Guatemala to get worse. If it did, I probably wouldn´t be posting! After arriving it Antigua, I…

Guatemala has been crazy super ROUGH. I think it has a grudge against me.

First, let me apologize, I have no new pictures.  My camera is in recover mode, tough in the humid environment here. When I last updated the blog, I…