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Rarotonga, Cook Islands – playing in the water

A few months ago, I found some cheap fares to Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands. Kim and I decided to spend our thanksgiving there, and had a great…

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Islas Coronado Scuba Diving, Mexico

Ok, calling it Mexico makes it sound more exotic than it is, but I had a fun weekend diving. Headed to San Diego with my friend Mitzi. Kim…

Apparent;y the reason this guy wasn't afraid is that they can shock the crap out of you.  Enough to knock you unconcious. Pacific Electric Eel.  Scale is hard to tell in the picture, but he was probably 2 feet across the flat part.  Pretty good size.

Catalina Island Scuba Diving

I (Geoff)  did a one day dive trip out to Catalina yesterday. Warm water (for CA), decent visibility, and saw some cool stuff. 3 tanks in water from…


Mexico – Scuba Diving and Exploring the Yucatan Peninsula

We enjoyed an awesome last minute trip to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Kim got certified to Scuba dive, and we enjoyed diving, snorkeling, caving, eating, and visiting archeological ruins. Another great vacation.