Hmmm.  Weird accents are showing up.  Sorry about that.  Not sure what to do, since they aren’t in what I’m seeing. 

Today I woke early,and went for a walk. I bought a tamale, wrapped in banana leaf and a bit different than the tamales I’m used to. Went back to the hotel. Annalise was ready to move on to Lanquin, so Iris and I walked her to the bus stop, and then we walked to a different spot, where we caught a mini-bus to a small village 8 km away.

It was a cute little village, and today happened to be market day, which was cool.  People came from all over for the market.  Colorful and fun.

Not much to say, and I’m getting hungry.   Lot’s of cool pictures from today though.  I look forward to going through them all when I get home.

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