Marquise Brown Womens Jersey  Christmas 2008 – Kim and Geoff tour Texas – Kim and Geoff

Christmas 2008 – Kim and Geoff tour Texas

It’s nearly a month late, but I wanted to post pictures from our fabulous trip to Texas. We flew to Texas the thursday before the holiday, and arrived late. The next morning, we slept in a bit, then took my mom lunch at the school where she teaches, then headed over to my sister’s house. My Father and step-mom (Malcolm and Deborah) were there to visit Katy and her twins. It was a relaxed, fun afternoon, playing with the twins and watching them open presents. They are adorable. (No pictures, Katy’s rules. Which means no pics of Malcolm and Deborah either as they all have twins in them too!) Dinner was fun, and it was time for bed soon after. The next morning, we rose for breakfast with M&D, then spent the day shopping with my Mom (Lynda). Good times.

Sunday morning we got up early and went to College Station, TX, where I went to school. I hadn’t been back in 10 years or so. Wow. Great memories walking around campus. We met my old friends Jen and Lynda and their adorable baby Dylan for an all too short lunch, then is was on to San Antonio to visit my Grandma. It was my first time to visit since my Grandpa’s funeral. I was a little nervous. But my Grandma was awesome. At 93 she moves a little slow, but is sharp, quick-witted, quick to laugh, and super fun to be around. I just wish she was closer. We had a great dinner with her, and then toured some Christmas lights. In the morning we met for breakfast, then visited my Grandpa’s grave-site. It was sad, but we enjoyed some fun memories and stories. All too soon, we had to return to Dallas.

I’m forgetting all the days, but we had several nice days in Dallas. Some family friends were visiting, and we enjoyed having them. Also got to see and play with the twins some, which is always great. Soon it was Christmas Eve, and as is tradition, we had oysters. 200. For 6 adults (the kids didn’t eat many.). It was awesome. A super pleasant evening of sitting around, chatting, eating, and laughter.

Christmas is great. My mom puts an amazing amount of effort into it, and it shows and is appreciated. The house is decorated from top to bottom, and we file in Christmas morning to find stockings stuffed with treats, each appropriate and special to the reciever. After stockings, breakfast, then presents. Each present is opened one by one, and we savor the moment. After hours of enjoying the company and gifts, it’s dinner time. Dinner is huge, of course, and delicious, of course. Love it. More gifts with my sister and her family, and later we are joined by my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin.

We left early on the 26th to spend time with Kim’s family, especially her family visiting CA from Oklahoma, and for her Cousin’s baby’s 30-Day celebration. Pictures of that in the next couple days.

I love Christmas. We weren’t sure we’d be there this year until fairly last minute, but it’s tough to imagine missing it. Such a great holiday with family.

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