My favorite part of Cabo was spending time in the ocean. We did two days of snorkeling on our short trip. Didn’t see much at the Arch, but Cabo Pulmo the next day was really nice. It was Hazel’s first time using a snorkel and fins, and she took to it like a fish to water. Squealing with delight and rushing around trying to see as much as she could. Even dealing with some surge and waves in one spot. She did awesomely and is excitedly talking about learning scuba when she turns 10.

Margot is still not a fan of putting her face in the water, but was giggling and laughing and loving being in the ocean. She rode on my back and kept saying “Daddy is like a big sea-horse for me”. I had been bummed that the marine reserve required a lifejacket, as I generally like to dive down a lot when snorkeling, but it worked super well with Margot on my back.

We saw moray eels, sea lions, huge schools of fish, and all kind of coral and colorful fish, but my little camera was pretty limited at the distance we were at

Cabo Pulmo was one of my favorite days in a long time.

Hat tip to our guide Alfredo from Cabo Pulmo Watersports We lucked out it was just the four of us on the boat that day, he did a very nice job with us.

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