Kim works at Union Bank of California, in their Sustainability department. Her LinkedIn page is here.

Geoff’s work is much harder to sum up in a single sentence.  I have an MBA from UC Davis, and for several years ran a start-up trying to commercialize some university IP, related to cleantech.  The idea was to make trucks and cars more fuel efficient, and I learned a ton about alternative energy, particularly related to vehicles.

I now consult part time to CalStart, a non-profit working on promoting clean transportation.

In addition, I do some technical consulting for small businesses, including web presence, web design, email systems and more.   I’m a geek and happy to share.   I have a web page at that pulls in stuff from all my websites.  This is probably the best single link to see what I’m up to.

I maintain a tools and technology focused blog.

and a Clean Tech blog

My Resume can be found on LinkedIn.

I am a published writer. my work has been published in American Whitewater and Adventure Sports Journal.

I recieved my Masters in Business Adminstration (MBA)in June 2007 from
UC Davis – Graduate School of Management

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