Last weekend, Kim and I drove to Lake Tahoe, parked the car in Squaw Valley, and rode about 50 miles around the Lake to South Lake Tahoe on Saturday. The route included everything from bike paths to rolling hills to a LONG climb that led to a screaming fast downhill. Super fun. We stayed in an inexpensive motel in south lake tahoe…. then walked 6 miles roundtrip to get dinner. A great night of rest, and we woke sunday, and got back on the bike. A fun ten miles or so of bike path through the woods led to the challenging climb up to the Emerald Bay overlook. We were working hard, for sure, but I was stoked when we got to the top. A rest, a downhill, and another climb.  Mostling rolling back to the car.

35 miles on Sunday, and we back at the car and on our way home. one of my favorite bike rides ever. Loving the tandem, and love that I have a wonderful wife to share it with.

1 thought on “Tandem Bicycle Tour of Lake Tahoe

  1. Dear Geoff and Kim:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of tandem cycling! It took me over 15 years to convince my very independent wife to join me on a tandem. From the very first tentative ride around a parking lot it’s been a special experience; one that we both cherish. May your rides reinforce and be an extension of your loving relationship for many decades. It’s very difficult to adequately describe the bonds that form between a couple that respectfully share the joys of a tandem but it’s clear from your website that you share that bond.

    Best regards, Peggy Knight & Chris Crown

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