Kim and I had a great weekend. We did a bike tour, on the tandem, from San Juan Capistrano to San Diego and Imperial Beach.

We set out from San Juan Capistrano Sat. morning. It was grey and cool, and I was a little nervous as we headed out. We cruised towards Dana Point, and then pretty much hugged the coast all the way to San Deigo, through San Clemente (where we stopped for our favorite tacos), Oceanside, Encinitas, Del Mar, Leucadia, La Jolla, Carlsbad, and all the other Southern California beach towns. There were a couple bigger hills, but nothing too crazy, and the weather was cool but nice. Most of the route (all but maybe 10 miles of the entire weekend) we were either on a separated bike path or in a marked bike lane. We took our time. Stopping when we felt like it, and ended up riding about 75 miles Sat.

We were doing a “credit card” tour, so we were only carrying a change of clothes and a few other provisions. Keep the bike light. Sat night we had a room in San Diego, and ordered Pizza (gluten-free delivery!) in the hotel room.

Sunday, we got up early and rode to the Ocean Beach area, and had mexican food for breakfast, then continued our ride down past Sunset Cliffs, up a crazy steep hill, then down to the San Diego harbor. Turned south, then followed the harbor around into downtown, where we caught the ferry over to Coronado Island. From there it was south to Imperial Beach, just a mile or so from Mexico, back east, then up the east side of the bay back into downtown. About 45 miles total on Sunday. We were a bit early, so we did a few laps around downtown, then headed to the train station to catch the Amtrak home. Super fun trip.

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