I’ve spoiled myself over the last few days. I didn’t take pictures, but I had a great few days.

Weds: S.F. American, Riverton to Peavine (plus a bit) -I got up early, worked for a bit, then drove and met Dan up at the takeout. We set shuttle, then decided to add a few extra river by paddling the bottom part of the Kyburz section. Flow was a little lower than optimal, but still very fun, and the last mile or so of the run was gorgeous. Good Times.

Thurs : Skunked by forgetfulness on Chamberlains, N.F. American -Drove up to meet Mike B. and Desmond for an evening run on Chamberlains. As I load my gear into Mike’s truck, I realize I’ve not remembered my helmet. Doh. I debate doing the run anyway, but my more sensible side wins out, and I return home. Ugh.

Fri (Part 1): Chamberlains – N.F. American – I talked Dan into Meeting early, and we were both stoked to see a good amount of water coming down the N.F. American. It was somewhere above 2,000 CFS for the flow. I’ve done it bigger, but it was one of the most fun flows I’ve done it at. It was a quick run, and uneventful, but just super, super, super fun.

Fri (Part 2): Reno Playpark – After paddling with Dan, I had a long phone call for work, sitting sweltering in my truck in Colfax, Ca. Then I cruised over to Reno. Stopped by Patagonia and picked up some cute stuff for Kim from the Outlet, and then hit the playpark. It was around 900 CFS, a great flow. I played and played and played, and got a few new tricks. I landed a couple loops, which was cool, since I’ve only done a few before.

Sat: Edwards to Purdens – S.F. Yuba
– Glenn and I met up for the SF Yuba. It hasn’t run much this year, but the high water has SPaulding reservoir spilling, giving a decent 500 CFS flow for the South Yuba. We took our time, talking about each rapid and working on some specific skills building for Glenn. It was a good time. I’ve done the S. Yuba a fair number of times, but I guess never this late in the year, I’ve never seen that many naked people! I guess it’s a pretty popular spot for nudists.

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