The Middle Fork American is an incredible run, class IV with at least one Class V rapid on it. It doesn’t get run often, perhaps due to the 8+ miles of “flatwater” in the center.
We had a bit of a slow start due to a car of paddlers that got lost between the takeout and put-in, but once our group arrived, we suited up in the hot sun, and slipped into the cool river. The run starts quickly, with a fun class III rapid. As we move down the run, we hit many more fun fun rapids, including the famous tunnel chute. Click here to read a full description of the run.

Tunnel Chute was a fun rapid, though I flipped in the end. There were tons of good rapids, tons and tons of fun class III or IV. And gorgeous, remote scenery. And the 8+ miles of flatwater is moving water, even with a few small rapids, so it goes quickly. Another amazing day on the river.

Enjoy the Photos!

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