Hi everyone! I had a good flight to Guatemala and landed yesterday morning. Geoff picked me from the airport and impressed me with the spanish he learned in one week of intensive spanish lessons (6 hours a day, for 5 days). So, he´s now our official navigator! We walked around this cute little old town of Antigua yesterday and today. Antigua has a lot of old colonial architecture that´s now in ruins, but it´s quite a sight- the ruins in the foreground and lush greenery of volcanoes in the background. This morning, we had a “desayuno typico”, which was a typical breakfast consisting of beans, rice, really fresh and filling corn tortillas (much softer than back home, thicker too). The foods been so good. I ate nearly a whole papaya, fresh roasted corn with lime and sea salt, and tacos from a street vendor with smoked pork. So delicious, much better than my cooking lately. We also met up with some friends of Geoff last night and hung out at a Frida themed bar. Oh, i´ve also fallen in love with Licuados, these fresh fruit smoothies with milk and sugar. Okay, so it´s all about the food.

We also saw pretty flowers, gardens, the rubbles of old cathedrals, churches, museums, and markets. I love the produce market, that´s my favorite. They had rambutan but I´m really on the hunt for cherimoyas. It´s been fun so far. Tonight, we board a night bus for an 8 or 10 hour ride to see some Mayan ruins in Tikal, probably one of the more famous sites in Guatemala. Geoff has a few options of the itinerary planned out, but we may skip over to Belize to go snorkeling. It´s another country that Geoff wants to tick off, I think. I´m going to ask for little floaties. I don´t care, I have no shame. Hope everyone is doing well.


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