Yesterday I went paddling. Paddled my new Pyranha Everest kayak, which was awesome. Met my friend Sabrina at 1, and went and did a low water run on the South Fork Yuba. It was fun, and went smoothly. We pulled under the bridge at 4:15, and I calculated that with some quick driving and some luck, I could catch another group of friends on another river.

I had to hustle, and then flog my poor my little truck like it’s never been flogged before, but I came screeching into the parking lot just as my already suited up friends were about to put on the river. Record time for sure.

My brakes were hot and smelly, but I suited up and we ran Chamberlains on the North Fork American. It was a super fun flow, about 1600. Everything went smooth, and was just fun, fun, fun. Good times with good people.

I’m not sure I’ve ever actually paddled two different rivers, in two completely different drainages, in one day. And yesterday I did it after lunch. Northern California is a pretty sweet place to live.

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