Kim and I went and spent a weekend at Bodega Bay, just west of us on the CA coast.   Sat morning we met my friend Desmond, he and I went surf kayaking, and (after sleeping in) Kim came and took pictures.  Waves weren’t great, but they weren’t bad, and it was fun.

Me surfing a small wave

After kayaking, Kim and I went crabbing in the bay.   We caught lot’s of crabs, but most were not in season.

Me, throwing the crab trap

We did end the day with 4 keepers, which made for a delicious dinner Sat night in camp.   Sunday, I dropped Kim off in the Bay, helped her get set up with the crab trap, then went and surfed a few hours.   Came back, and Kim had 5 crabs in the bucket!  So Sunday night we feasted on crabs at home.  Yum.  Super fun local weekend.

Fresh Crab, served with polenta and fresh avocado tomato salsa.

Saw some nice wildlife too, including seabirds, sea lions, and harbor seals.

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