Climbing is an amazing sport, and one that normally requires you to rely on your partners literally with your life. I think this helps foster the special friendships that build amoung climbers. The long skinney picture is one I took of my friend Jean on Touchstone, a big wall in Zion N.P., Utah. The Picture at the top of the page is me on top of Tahquitz, in So. Cal. It was September 11th, and my friend Greg and I did the climb in complete solitude and peace, except for the unease caused by the faintest knowledge that something huge had happened across the country. . . This picture is me on the backside of Enchanted rock, in Texas. I'm at the belay on my first multi-pitch climb. . . . . . My girlfreind Kim is shown here when we were out at Joshua Tree on New Years Day. She did her first Traditional lead that day, and did great. She already climbs harder stuff than me in the gym, and with a little more experience, I'll have a ropegun outside too!!! . . . . . . . . . Here's a picture of me on my portaledge, where climbers sleep during multi-day climbs. .. Here's my friend Helen, leading out at Joshua Tree. . . . . Helen and I on top of Mt. Russel. Just north of Mt. Whitney. 14,000+ Ft. The next four pictures are from a few days last summer, when Jen And Linda And I got stormed off a attempt on Mt Whitney. Due to the storm , the temps in Bishop were bearable, so we spent a few days bouldering and climbing in the area. Super fun, I think I laugh more with Jen and Linda in a few days than I normally do in a month. . .. . Me, waiting out a storm at 11,000 ft on mt Whitney. We spent a LONG afternoon/night under this rock. Should have brought something to read.