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Kayaking Newport beach with the girls and Katy

Had a great time today with my sister Katy, visiting from Texas. We went kayaking, checked out the sea lions. Stopped and played on a beach. Followed with…


Kayaking with Kim’s Family

Kim’s Uncle Hoa was in town in January, and we decided to take him kayaking. Kim’s mom joined us, along with Kim’s brother Ton and sister in law…

Santa Cruz Island – Labor Day 2010

Kim and I, with our friends Ray and Jeff, went out to Santa Cruz this weekend. On Saturday, we paddled from Scorpion cove to Smugglers Harbor, then back…

Monterrey Bay Anniversary Weekend – Kayaking, food, and the Aquarium

Kim and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend (April 9) with a weekend trip to Monterrey Bay, CA. We went paddling Sat morning off a point near Pacific…

Kayaking the Black Canyon of the Colorado River

The Black Canyon is the section of the Colorado river below Hoover Dam. Scenic paddling, with hot springs and gorgeous scenery.

Weekends around Southern California

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