Marquise Brown Womens Jersey  Cache Creek with Paula and Erol – Kim and Geoff

Cache Creek with Paula and Erol

Kim and I headed over to Cache Creek today. We met our friends Paula and Erol. They were renting a small two person raft to join us. It was a gorgeous day, with lot’s of sun, and a good amount of water. Paula and Erol seemed to struggle a bit at first to get the boat under control, but they figured it out, and ran every rapid without flipping. There was a boyscout group on the river that had tons of carnage. It was a fun relaxing day, followed by a nice mexican dinner.

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  1. Daynah

    Great photos!! You guys are so adventurous! 😀

  2. brthomas

    Fun, fun, fun kayaking Cache Creek Rumsey Run 05july2008. Lets get together on a whitewater trip this summer.

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