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I don’t post much that is about other companies, but these vegetarian tacos require a shout-out. Amazing jackfruit based veggie tacos from @todoverde

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It’s been fall, technically, for almost an month. And yet the highs this week are approaching 90. The days are getting shorter, but it still feels like summer. . Celebrate fall southern California style with a taste straight from warm cups of hot cider, but in a frozen treat to cool you off. Apple cider is back. #apples #icepops #icepop #icecream #dessert #losangeles #sangabriel #fall #fallfood #foodpics #foodie #smallbatch #smallbusiness #vegan #socal #vegetarian #fruit #healthydessert #sangabrielvalley #sanmarino

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Come on down to the Dumpling and Beer festival in front of the Mission Playhouse. Try some creative dumplings, have a beer, and grab an ice pop! Open until 9 pm tonight @sangabrielcity #dumplings #beer #icepops #vegan #icepop #allnatural #wholefruit

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Snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo

When your dad owns a popsicle shop, you get the eating technique down. Margot didn’t want drips on her dress. Trying some local palettas in Baja.

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Hanging out at Cal State for the 323 Night Market #323nightmarket #california #calstatela #allnatural #vegan #events #eventplanner #nightmarket #dairyfree #glutenfree #wholefoods #wholefruit

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I told my wife I was making a Pistachio flavor, and she was so happy. It’s her favorite flavor of ice cream or Gelato. Two employees have worked since I made it yesterday. Both texted me exclaiming how good it is. It’s a good sign. One thing I always find weird about Pistachio ice cream is its bright green color. Yeah, pistachios have a green tint, but that green color isn’t explained by that. It’s food coloring. That’s not my style so you’ll notice our Pistachio ice pops have only the slightest green tint, but they are full of nutty flavor. #pistachio #vegan #vegetarian #icepops #icepop #icecream #veganfood #dairyfree #glutenfree #losangeles #dessert #popsicles #popsicle #nuts #plantbased #wholefoods #sangabriel #veganism #veganlosangeles #paleta #paletas

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Anna Mae Hays

Anna Mae Hays was the first woman to achieve the rank of General in the US Army. She passed away today at 97, and I found learning about…

Eaton Canyon

Rappelling, Jumping, swimming and hiking My college friend Jayson Owens was in town for a work trip, and we were planning on hanging out. We’ve only seen each…

Kayaking Newport beach with the girls and Katy

Had a great time today with my sister Katy, visiting from Texas. We went kayaking, checked out the sea lions. Stopped and played on a beach. Followed with…

Father’s Day 2016

“It’s more conceivable that I could measure out all the oceans on the earth, a broken teacup at a time, then grasp the amount of love I feel…

Maiden Voyage

We had our first sail on our impulse buy at a garage sale sail boat today. It was also Hazel’s first time sailing ever, and mine in quite…

Getting close

This picture is nearly a month old, and Kim is quite a bit bigger now.  We’ve had several nice showers thrown by generous friends, spent a lot of…


Mill Creek (Northern California)

A few weeks ago, Geno had the idea to run Mill Creek, near Fresno. When I was trying to find information about it, I kept seeing write-ups about…

L’etape de California

Last weekend I did the L’etape de California. From the website: “L’Étape du California provides serious recreational cyclists the opportunity to ride a complete stage of the Amgen…


Lower North Fork Kaweah

The North Fork of the Kaweah is an absolute gem of California paddling. This was my first trip down, and I love, love, loved it. 6.5 miles of…


Mill Creek (Tributary to the Kings River)

Mill Creek is an infrequently run creek that feeds into the King’s River. We didn’t have much information about the run, only the barest of descriptions from American…

Skyline to the Sea Trail Marathon

Many years ago, I used to be quite an avid runner. I ran regularly with a wild group of fun folks, the Hash House Harriers. Through that group,…


Salt Lake City

My father, Malcolm, and step-mom Deborah invited Kim and I out to Utah for a long weekend. Unfortunately, Deborah wasn’t able to make the trip, she was missed,…


Joshua Tree Beginner trip

Kim and I planned and led a beginner friendly climbing trip to Joshua Tree in Feb. We drove out through rain, but the weather was pretty nice at…